With Thanksgiving approaching, people tend to think of the large roasted turkey and that is the first thing that comes to one’s mind when we think about it.

Keeping the main menu aside, how many of us think about the side dishes that go with it?

Healthy, nourishing, and delightfully tasty are what can make a Thanksgiving dinner, complete and wholesome.

What is considered a Side Dish?

The side dish is an accompaniment to your main dish.
They complement the flavors in your entrée (starters) and add a tinge of variety to your plate.
Your side dish can range from anything, like vegetables to salads, bread, pasta, and even fruits. This will leave an option for everyone you invite over.
How many Sides does Thanksgiving have?

This depends entirely on you. You can choose the variety and the quantity as per the taste and likings of your guests

You must also consider some special dietary restrictions of your guests and make Sides which would be acceptable to them.

For mashed potatoes and stuffing – consider each one type for 5 people
For salads – one type for ten people should suffice
For vegetables –two types for ten people is good enough.
Remember that the main course is still waiting, and the dessert will follow.

The most popular Thanksgiving side dish varies a lot from where you live but the mashed potatoes take the first place followed by stuffing. A scoop of both these with the option of the Sides fill the plate to make a delightful dish.

The other popular side dishes are macaroni and cheese followed by bread that could be rolls and biscuits, cranberry sauce, and the classic and ever loved green bean casserole.

These will find a way into the hearts and stomachs of all your special guests with these healthy Sides which are crowd-pleasing dishes. Make your Thanksgiving, very special and very healthy for all.

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