June 4, 2021

Why should you try Patio Dining with us?

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With the advent of summer, it is a perfect time to try patio dining. But why is it really helpful and what do you have in store when you dine with us at our patio? Find out more, right here! Dining in nature The first and foremost reason is that dining in nature is always more comfortable, and the food seems to taste fresher as well. You can also enjoy the fresh warm breeze and
summer desserts

April 9, 2021

Top 4 refreshing summer desserts

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Come Spring, we are all in a mood for some fresh desserts. Want to know what are the top refreshing summer desserts this season? Check this out… Strawberry Biscuit Shortcake It is perfect for a day one would like to spend with family and friends to have something sweet and munchy. Or a recipe one would love to make with friends with some chit-chats as it’s very easy to make.  So the ingredients are 1/2
summer desserts
  What is Black History Month & When is it celebrated? Black History Month is celebrated in the United States and Canada in February to acknowledge and honor the important people in history as this is the month when Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass were both born. What is ‘Soul Food’ and how is it connected to Black History? ‘Soul Food’ is a name used as a synonym for African-American food as it displays the creativity
Black History Month
valentines day dinner durham nc
Are you are planning to have a cozy dinner at home this Valentine’s Day? Maybe explore some of the popular and fragrance based Indian dishes. Indian food is famous for its flavor and spices. Of course, not to forget the range that Indian cuisine offers. Though every Indian dish is a unique blend of a range of ingredients, and cooking techniques, each represents a particular region and culture. Tandoori food is world-famous and is a
Flavor & Spices
Tandoori Bites Durham NC

December 22, 2020

Did You Know These About Plum Cakes?

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Winters are here and it brings the festivities like Christmas and the New Year. All over the world, people are celebrating these two events and it starts with the Christmas celebrations. You may be getting together with your family and friends this year as well and wondering how to make it special with delectable treats including the plum cake which is such an integral part of the Christmas festival. What is special about a plum
Plum Cakes

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