Tandoori Bites Specialities

5 Tandoori Bites Specialties You Have to Try

Are you a foodie who loves eating different types of tandoori dishes? Then you’ve come to the right place. Let us share with you the top 5 special Tandooris that are offered by Tandoori Bites.

You can pick them up on tandooribites.net or order at https://eatstax.com/tandoori-bites-durham/modern/.If you want to dine-in for a special occasion, simply book your table so we can ensure you and your guests are well taken care of.

Here are 5 tandooris you can try with your next order and enjoy with your drinks.

Paneer Tikka

Just because you love vegetarian food, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy tandooris with us! Our Paneer Tikka is essentially homemade cottage cheese that is marinated in yogurt and spices and finally baked in a tandoori oven to give it a perfect roasted finish. 

Malai Tikka

When you want your favorite chicken in tandoori style, this dissh takes first place. Dig into the delicious and juicy Malai Tikka prepared with boneless‎ chicken marinated in cashew sauce and sour cream with ginger paste.

Tandoori Lamb Chops

The ever favorite in our restaurant for customers is the Tandoori Lamb Chops prepared with lamb pieces, ginger, roasted garlic, and our in-house tandoori masala. Try this either as a meal or simply pair it with your main course as a side dish.

Tandoori Shrimp

Want to go for a different style in tandoori, try our Tandoori Shrimp prepared with fresh jumbo shrimp marinated in delicate yogurt and baked in a tandoori oven. Our tandoori shrimps is the talk of the town!

Tandoori Bites Mix Grill

If you want to try different types of tandooris on one platter, go for our Tandoori Bites Mix Grill. You can look forward to a combination of seekh kabab masala, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, and tandoori shrimp, served with sautéed vegetables.

By now, your mouth is watering already! So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now on tandooribites.net and enjoy your meal in the next few minutes!

Indian Food cooking

Top 6 essential ingredients for Indian food cooking

Wheat Flour

Without wheat flour, any Indian food is incomplete. Whether it is Roti or Naan that are blended with curries or lentils are prepared with wheat flour. The wheat is easier to digest and has fiber which is good for health as well. This Indian bread is fluffy and soft to eat. Their taste can be improvised by adding a sufficient amount of ghee to it.

Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is the most consumed Indian food along with wheat. Rice is more common in the Southern and Eastern regions of India. Basmati rice is known to be the king of rice and boosts the taste of any meal. Rice is also filling and tastes nice when paired with any side dish or lentils. 


Ghee is a replacement for oil and butter. It adds a different aroma to the food. It can be added to any food substance like on Indian bread, lentils, even in biryanis, and other dishes. It is an important ingredient when it comes to North Indian food.

Chaat masala

Indian’s are more into spicy food so chaat masala is used almost everywhere to spice it up a little bit. It is an essential item among the masala family. Try any of our dishes and you will find a blend of this masala in it to give you a taste that lasts long.


Paneer is an all-in-one combo for vegetarians. It is treated as chicken by vegetarian food eaters. You can get it roasted as a tandoori, fried, or just steamed. The soft marshmallow-like texture makes it easily eatable by all age groups.

Garam masala

For those who don’t know the measurement of adding masalas to the food, Garam masala is a great savior. It is a mix of six masalas so that one doesn’t need to worry about forgetting essential spices to be added. Whether it is curries or biryanis, you will find this ingredient to give you a flavor that you would love to savor.

Trust this has helped you understand how we make our food special for you at Tandoori Bites and another reason you need to stop by next time to dig into some of our yummy Indian food!