Top 5 Indian Sweets Recipes for Diwali

As surprising the Indian food can be to your palate, so are the Indian sweets when they arrive on your table. However, each of these lovely sweets can get your adventurous hat on, and soon you may end up craving for them! Since they do not have any resemblance to Western desserts, they also need a bit of explaining on their preparation methods and ingredients. So, let us get started with the way the top 5 sweets are prepared during Diwali especially at Tandoori Bites Durham.

Gulab Jamun

This sweet is commonly known as Indian donuts and is prepared with white flour as well as cheese derived from fresh milk. These dumplings are then deep-fried and soaked in a sugar syrup mixed with rose water. Once they are dipped in this syrup over an hour or so, they come out intensely sweet and mouth melting. You can surely be satisfied with one, but if you are a sweet tooth, two could help your craving as well!


Prepared with chickpea flour and saffron (gives rise to the yellow color) and deep-fried, they are also deeply soaked in sugar syrup, resulting in a sticky and irresistible taste and feel. Lovely and crisp, they are great for a morning or evening snack. You can also end up your meal with these and feel satisfied and satiated.


These yummy sweets are usually made in the shape of a ball. They are prepared with either chickpea flour, coconut, or semolina depending on the region of India, they are prepared in. They are made into a batter and then a paste which is finally rolled into balls upon cooling. Most of the traditional Indian meals end up with this sweet and it is also a favorite of many gods such as Lord Ganesha.


A mouth-watering sweet from the West Bengal, Rasmalai is prepared with cheese dumplings usually in a rectangular shape and submerged into a milk syrup infused with cardamom. If you’ve had a bit of spice in your meal, Rasmalai is a perfect dessert for you as it cools your tummy down well!


Prepared with condensed milk and sugar, barfi is a common Indian sweet usually made in square shape. Quite like ladoos, they are also prepared either with coconut, or cheese and dressed in pistachios, almonds, with edible silver leaf. Great as gifts during all festivals including Diwali they are prepared in large quantities at sweet shops during these times.

By now, you already know quite a few of the Indian sweets. Whichever one you prefer; you can enjoy all of these during the Diwali festival at Tandoori Bites Durham. We prepare your sweets fresh for you on your order.

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